Hot Water Tanks

Dual coil tanks are manufactured for those in need of an abundance of hot water and if required will allow multiple heat sources to deliver more BTUs for rapid recovery and continuous operation.
Dual coil tanks will allow you to operate on lower heat input from the boiler without sacrificing volume of hot water required for your lifestyle.  Alternately you may use the bottom coil for hot water whilst using the top coil to supply heat to your radiant floor or hot water radiators.
Dual coil tanks integrate perfectly with solar, geothermal, wood stoves and other alternative energy sources lessening the burden on the environment and saving money.

The tank is equipped with a ¾” fitting allowing for a re-circ line or alternately for powered titanium anode (purchased separately) for those that have problems with (Smelly Water) or aggressive water and water
quality concerns.
AMI tanks are constructed from heavy gauge 316L Stainless Steel that is further pickled and passivated for superior longevity and corrosion resistance.  Leading the way with the best in the industry 
2.5″ thick “R”value -16.5 H/CFC-free polyurethane insulation exceeds all code requirements for standby losses.