P&M B500 Chip / Pellet Burner



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Wood Chips & Pellets Burner

• Fueled by wood chips
• Auger fed/storage bin system – optional bin sizes available

This EPA Phase II Certified outdoor furnace is ideal for large operations (greenhouses, poultry farms, resorts, etc) that require substantial heat (btu’s).

Although many of the Portage and Main Outdoor Water Furnaces are more than sufficient for many smaller industrial applications, Portage and Main also makes a series of furnaces with high output (up to 1,000,000 BTU) providing heat for those unique larger applications like Hay and Grain Drying, Wood Drying Kilns, Outdoor Work Areas, Warehouses, Retail Spaces, Arenas and more.

Custom designing available…tell us your needs!

Burning Wood or Bio Mass Chips…

Wood Chips – the Portage and Main Enviro Chip Burner offers the flexibility to burn a variety of wood chips including some overage, knots, smaller branches, combined with some sawdust and pine shavings, eliminating the need for screening to obtain perfectly sized chips. The ideal chip is 1.5” to 2” diameter.

Bio Mass Chips – are generally a combination of wood, corn stover, switch grass and other grasses, grains and remains from various crops.

Comparing the efficiency of burning Wood Chips versus burning Cord Wood…

One ton or 2,000 lbs of Cord Wood (logs) can yield 4.2 million BTUs
One ton or 2,000lbs of Wood Chips can yield 6 million BTUs

Automation with the Portage and Main Quality

Combine the Portage and Main unsurpassed reputation for Quality and Reliability with the Automation Technology of today and you have basically a system that runs itself leaving you with little else to do other than refill the optional 30 yard fuel storage bin.

Features include…

• hydraulically actuated bin cover
• automatic modulated feed rates (monitored by an electric eye)
• automatic ash removal system
• automatic dual forced air draft system
• monitor system with alarm and callout feature notifying you if anything is wrong. (using any regular telephone line)