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Greenhouse Root Heating System

Root heating systems are an efficient and effective choice for heating your greenhouse.

Utilizing root heating provides:

  • Faster growth
  • Better quality crops
  • Extended growing season
  • Drastic reduction in energy costs when compared to hot air systems

In most applications, the ambient air temperature in the greenhouse can be substantially reduced, saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars in annual heating costs.

System overview:
Off-Grid Thermal Matts, available in lengths up to 98ft are laid on the floor/ground or on shelves inside the greenhouse. Heated water/glycol from a wood, gas, electric or solar thermal boiler are connected to a series of manifolds with temperature controllers and mixing valves. The water/glycol is continuously circulated through the thermal matts at the user defined temperatures. If you don’t have a heat source, , we can provide you with that as well.

Multiple different temperatures (zones):
Mix and match, no problem. You can have multiple different zones (rows of heating matts) operating at different temperatures simultaneously.

Off-Grid Thermal Matts are constructed of Solarprene® rubber. They are very durable and designed to handle harsh environments, most chemicals, fertilizers, ozone, UV rays, extreme cold winter etc. (glycol required to prohibit damage from heating fluid freezing)

Each Thermal matt is inspected for quality, providing years of service.

DIY Friendly:
Whether you want to “do it yourself” or hire a professional help to install the system.

You provide us with the dimensions of the greenhouse floor or shelving that you wish to install Off-Grid Thermal Matts. The Thermal Matts are precut and assembled with manifolds and shipped along with other components. For cost savings purposes (shipping) you can source the additional lengths of pvc pipe from a local hardware, building supply or plumbing company.

Each kit includes: thermal heating matts, basic fittings, temperature control/s, mixing valve/s, pumps, flanges, fittings and assembly instructions.

Final connection to your boiler system should be completed by a certified heating or plumbing expert.

Made to Last:
Off-Grid Thermal Matts are backed by an 18 year manufacturer warranty.


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Get a No Obligation Quotation:

Measuring: Off-Grid Thermal Matts, are custom cut to your requirements. Each Matt is 12” wide and cut to length. Matts cannot be cut after assembly. When measuring, consider the spacing between each row of matt, any structural posts or shelf braces. There is a 1.5” manifold located at each end of every length of matt, be sure to provide ample space at both ends of the matt from walls or other obstacles.

You will also need to provide enough space to attach the heat distribution PVC pipes to each manifold and the route back to the heat source (boiler).

You can mix multiple length of matts.

Details to include:

  • Send us the quantity and lengths of matts required.
  • How many different zones (temperatures), show on the drawing?
  • Your existing heat source (wood boiler, gas, electric, solar with storage)

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